Purple Coat

By Daud Mannion

A man carrying a little girl,
I saw in a photo in the paper today,
made me rush to the Masjid and pray,
her best purple coat blooded and torn,
her body bruised the man his burden bourn.

I think at the time it was taken,
this little Muslim sister lived on still,
her tiny life they hadn’t yet managed to kill,
eyes closed but skin pale but still living,
Insha’Allah sweet dreaming not this nightmare reliving.

But at this man’s feet,
others were not so blessed,
lives sacrificed to the greed of the west,
an unhealthy pallor held the skin,
blue tinged grey so black oil the west can win.

No I will never forgive,
nor my sister could I ever forget,
a face peaceful though still blood wet,
I will remember you to my dying day,
Ya Allah please help us ensure those responsible pay.