By Umm Asiyah

People of our past have done their time
But there is still some left of yours and mine
For them, it is too late to ask for another second
To pray, supplicate before their final reckon
But as for you and me, we still await
The truth of death and lack to appreciate
The blessing of time we still have on earth
We are forgetful of the purpose of our birth
To worship Allah is the purpose of creation
Not to greedily indulge in worldly temptation
Satan is our enemy and so we all should know
But we have befriended Him, although he is a foe
Allah said that Satan threatens us with scarcity
But truly it is Allah who provides out of poverty
We have listened to Satan’s advice regarding money
Not giving Zakat, neglecting prayers, sounds funny,
But some Muslims fast and make Hajj in this state
And Ignorantly about Islamic requirements, debate

True religion is neither sometimes nor some places
But it is for all times, all places and for all faces
Color and physical looks mean little in Islam
Allah scans the heart, not the body of man
He created and fashioned in whatever form He willed
Yet we believe in definitions of beauty that man instilled
Disbelieving that all of Allah’s creation is beautiful
Truly, variation is attractive and diversity is wonderful
Yet the most beloved to Allah are the God-fearing ones
Who worship Him alone and with Him associate none
Wake up! We will all follow our predecessors
Our actions will make us pious or transgressors
Thereupon, we’ll either be in eternal hell or bliss
Then, we will regret the chances for worship we now miss
Let’s keep the Shahada at our tongues and establish the Salat
Muslims, let’s fast, give Zakat and make Hajj to Allah
Furthermore, let’s do righteousness and make it a priority
To please only Allah, even if we are a small minority

Islamic Sciences have been abandoned for secular education
With misguidance as pillars and no sex segregation
And we smile with the achievements, BA, MA, PHD
With scarce understanding of our own Deen
No awareness of Tawheed so in Shirk we drown
When the angel of death does ultimately come around
Calling us to our dark, lonely grave with free admission
But now no wealth, status or degrees will be sufficient
Only good deeds and continuous charity can ease
The solitude, offering hope, comfort and peace
But that is only for those who used their time wisely
And a few are they, who lived this life piously
So we ask Allah to guide us to the true path
And to protect us from His eternal wrath
We pray that our humble efforts be sufficient
To enter us paradises that are surely magnificent
My sisters and brothers in faith please lets contemplate
Now, not later, or else it may be just too late

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