Rewind The Cat

The kids are driving me crazy,
I knew it would come to this.
My husband thinks I’m just lazy;
Just wait till I show him my fist.

Put the vacuum in the washer
Put detergent on the floors.
Iron the chair in the kitchen
Then oil my husband’s under-drawers.

Return the garbage and take out the tapes.
Johnny, stop swinging the cat that way.
This is where we make our first mistake.
Now where was I? Oh yes, must return those videos.

Ouch, darn cat, move your tail just so.
Now why is the parlor floor covered in Cheerios?
Darn, where did that stupid kitten just go?
Hmm, let’s see, rewind the cat and feed the tapes.

Does it matter now that it’s me the cat hates?
I’ve made mistakes all day long
Everything just seems to go wrong.
Oh my, kids, get in the car
We have to go to the vet to get the cat out of the VCR!