Road to Success

By Lena Winfrey Seder


Life proceeds painfully as it follows its destiny.
Oh, what treacherous misery I am bound to endure.
The sorrow and suffering of life distresses me.
Where? Oh, where can I look to find and all-permanent cure?
Years I spent searching and time I wasted while I tarried.
I found the truth on the straight path while the past I buried.
Sometimes it was easier to wish for death to end it.
Yet, I knew death was not the escape or the best answer.
Freeing myself from worldly want, the fire of knowledge was lit.
Weary worrying and dark despair eat like cancer.
True trust and persevering patience bring relaxation.
Contentment with life and constant worship bring salvation.
My path grows easier as I pass through difficult snags.
Wisdom stacks up like bricks as I learn from my past mistakes.
My conscience tells me to move on and not to lazily lag.
My soul seeks for knowledge, for now I am fully awake.
I have a wonderful purpose that yet I do not know.
Daily Allah will uncover it while good seeds I sow.