Smoki Bacon

Since your not home
I feel so alone
The days are long
But everythings gone wrong.
I try to be good
I wish I could
Trouble is my name.
I was curled snug as a bug
Inside your soft hook rug.
Then just like that, I was on the floor
and whipped out the door.

Yesterday, I was having fun
Then I had to run
A bag of cat food I tore
Scattering the food on the floor.
I’m really lucky to be alive
I do have nine lives
As I run through the kitchen  the stove door
Nearly hits me as I crashes to the floor.
Then, I knocked the cordless phone
I wouldn’t work, it lost it tone,
I kept out of the way,
Hidden from him, the whole day.

….Well! I must go
In the window out the door
Scratch, Scratch, scratch
one, two, three, four
Smoki Bacon your cat

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