My cat kisses my bare toes
Why she does it, no one knows
Is it because I feed her turkey breast?
Or for all else I do, all the rest?
She comes yamming at my door at midnight
She feels lonely and “out of sight,
out of mind”, she wants my attention
So I let her in to decrease the tension
She regally stalks around in all her majesty
If something happened to her, it would be a travesty
She’s out all night and I worry no end
Till in the dawning morning comes my friend
I am very fond of her, though she’s only mine on loan
I watch her for my neighbours when they are away from home
I am the resident pet-watcher of the street
Though it takes some effort, it makes me replete
To get to know furry friends not my own
Is a joy, adds spice to life, I would never have known
Although it means early mornings,
When I’d rather have a lie
Smokie is worth it,
She’s the apple of my eye.

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