The Glorious Quran

By Asma Sadia


Quran, the living miracle, a book so pure, so clear
The one who is prompt to recite it is free from all fear.
Revealed to our noble Prophet (SAW) by Gibraeel (AS) who took the lead,
The blessed angel who encouraged him to start with a simple – ‘READ’.

The Quran was sent down by Allah (SWT) as a mercy to all mankind,
A book so glorious and powerful, no mortal can ever find.
Each verse of the Holy Quran is so filled with rhythm and beauty,
A reminder before Judgement for each one to fulfil their duty.

The Quran clearly states what is right from what is wrong,
It cleanses our heart of impurity and makes the weak minded strong.
It guarantees the pious and righteous a place they so desire,
A warning to all hypocrites to escape from Hellfire.

Even if all the oceans were transformed into ink,
You would still need more for this very thought to sink,
That the Words of Allah(SWT) can never be exhausted,
And can never be compared to anything concocted.

In your mind dear reader two options now you bear,
To either pick up the Quran or leave it lying there.
Now is the time for you to sit down and contemplate,
Are you going to struggle to make or break your fate?????

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