The Grim

Run if you will.
Shut the windows, shut the doors.
You can?t hide from it.
It will seep through every crack
Every fault of your being.
Eternal darkness will envelope you.
Silence so loud you can?t hear yourself scream.
An impossibly large cat with yellow eyes
Will lick its sooty lips
With most annoying smugness.
You want to knock each one of its scalpel-like teeth from its mammoth jaws
But you are too weak.
No strength can reach you here.
Nothing to hold onto.
Your mind is saturated with darkness.
You want to cry out in desperation.
But no point.
No one will hear you.
Nothing to do but wander aimlessly through the thick, black smog.
Nothing at the end of the tunnel but doom.
The devilish entity wraps itself around you.
Its bushy tail in your mouth, your eyes, strangling you.
You hate this furry savage
But your heart has turned to coal and the hatred seems strangely appealing.
So you bow down to it.
And you let it walk all over you with its filthy paws
And you walk with it through this world of darkness
Where it will be your best friend until it destroys you.