The Islamic Way

Each morning my ears hear the adhan before prayer.
With my hands I perform wudhu’ and I do it with care.

To the masjid I walk briskly upon both of my feet
Giving salaams to all Muslims I meet.

While making sujud, I get down on my knees.
When the prayer is complete, I hope Allah is pleased.

In performing du’a, I raise my arms to the sky,
Never once doubting, nor questioning Why?

Upon leaving the masjid, my eyes see the sun.
And the world that surrounds me – a new day’s begun.

With love in my heart, I teach my children their Deen,
To obey Allah’s laws, to be pure, to be clean.

When nighttime has come, I remind them to say,
The three blessed surahs I taught them that day.

Their lips utter surahs – Al-Ikhlas, Al-Falaq, An-Naas.
They blow in their palms, over their bodies they’re passed.

Their bodies and faces they then turn to the right.
Their souls they’ve submitted to Allah that night.

Our bodies direct us throughout every day.
To follow the straight path – The Islamic Way.

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