The Jewel of Islam

By al-Sayyid Nosair

When your mother had delivered you,
you were screaming and crying,

And the people around you
were laughing and praying,

Therefore, on the day of your death,
when they are grieving and weeping,

Make sure to yourself,
that you are happy and cheering,

For you departed away for them,
honest and certain,

That you are a Muslim Believer,
who has no curtain,

Believing that to Allah we belong,
and unto Him shall we return,

For you believed in Him,
and in His Grace you shall earn,

Paradise the reward,
and not the Hellfire that burns,

He who prefers the comfort of this world,
which is no more than scant,

Will certainly lose what Allah would Grant,

Wanting this life, and not the hereafter,
only burn forever after.

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