The Munafiq

By Jibril Naeem


The brother’s in his Lexus and the music’s playing loud
he’s rolling by the Musjid really haughty and proud
not thinking about Allah with no care at all
he heard the azan but he didn’t even stall.

He went to Mickey D’s and got a burger with cheese
he saw a hungry child so then he began to tease
as he left the store pushed a lady to the floor
and cursed at her child as he stepped out the door.

Went to al-jumah all funky and obseen
we know muslims keep their minds and body clean
he tried to run away cause he forgot how to pray
he found a gap in the line and made his getaway.

He went to the bank to get his interest
stood in line three hours to make his request
goana play the lotto with the haram money
The Dunya is this brother’s bread and honey.

They sighted the moon Ramadan was here
to celebrate he drank a six pack of beer
Salat was that night but he went to the fight
we know that he’s wrong but he thinks he’s right.

He collected the zakat to keep it for himself
he took all the money to add to his wealth
don’t call me brother cause I’m better than you
when he faces Allah he won’t know what to do.

so he drives his Lexus straight into a wall
steps out the car and goes for a fall
when he wakes there’s nothing at all
and hears Mc.I.L is making the call.

Allah places his books in his hands
we all know where his left hand lands
now he’s burning in hell for all of his sins
he had fun in this life but in the end who wins?