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The Spiritual Healing Effects Of Adhaan (call to prayer)

Audio / Video

An enlightening video showing the effects on the body when listening to music compared to listening to the Islamic call to prayer (adhaan/azaan)

Background :

In the world of music there has been a revival of tuning instruments to lower frequencies of sound vibration. Until recently, most musical instruments have been tuned so that the “A” note (of the middle octave on a piano) is tuned to 440Hz (Hz = cycles per second). This is known as Concert Pitch and was established as a standard at the beginning of the 20th century.

However, hearing tones that are at 432Hz gives rise to a noticeable different ‘vibe’. This set frequency is termed as “Earth Tone”. The 8Hz of tonal difference are seemingly slight in degree but can be perceptibly different when experiencing the feeling of the sounds we hear. Much like the subtle inflection of the human voice that can project a subtle variation in feelings, any tone whether coming from musical and non musical instruments using a slight change in frequency can alter the feeling quality of the sounds being played.

The term “good vibes” has been used to describe a positive experience. It is slang for good vibrations or feelings. Vibrations have a great influence on us and it can be said that all aspects of this physical world are filled with vibrations. On a daily basis, vibrations are not easily seen but rather felt. When listening to music, a dialog or just normal conversation the intensity or calmness of the sound vibration has an effect on what we perceive or feel. Aggressive music can agitate us, a calm voice can sooth us. These are all aspects of sound vibration and they can be measured as well as visualized.

An instrument known as a CymaScope can project the physical geometric patterns of any specific vibration. By connecting the instrument to a vessel of liquid or a solid medium such as sand on a plate, the vibration of a specific frequency will create consistent unique geometric shapes. Internet searches for “CymaScope 432Hz” will give many options to see the instrument creating the various patterns.

The claims and potential benefits cannot all be scientifically proven. We suggest letting your personal experience be the deciding factor.