The Staight Path

By Akmal Hasan


Narrated : Abdullah ibn Mas’ud


No: 0166

Allah’s Messenger (peace_be_upon_him) drew a line for us and then said: That is the path shown by Allah. Then he drew several other lines on his right and left sides and said: These are the paths on every side of which there is a devil calling towards it. He then recited this verse: `Verily this path of Mine is straight so adhere it.’ (5:167)

Transmitted by Ahmad, Nasa’i and Darimi.



He Rasulallah (SAW) once drew a line,
The man so great so sublime.
And he (SAW) said, ‘This is my Path’
All other trails obtain Allah’s Wrath.

And again he drew some more lines joining that line
A devil sitting on each of these, calling people to join.
So people, never jaywalk leaving the True Way.
If you do, your own soul you betray.

Such an easy and clear path he showed
The Mercy of Allah on which is bestowed.
So dear people why should one stray?
When the road to success is before us lay.

This Straight Path of Prophet (SAW) is our only way,
All other alleys, short cuts, trails etc. goes astray.
Hold on with your molar teeth on this path was his advice,
Only fools ignore it, and the one that heeds is wise.


Narrated: Hudhayfah


No: 9.386

Hammam narrated that Hudhayfah said, “O Group of al-Qurra’, follow the straight path, for then you have taken a great lead (and will be the leaders), but if you divert to the right or left, then you will go far astray.”