The state of my country

By Khurram Sheikh

This passionate society is living through a senseless period
Their senses have been conquered by their intoxicated passions
The consciences’ of the people are trapped in a shameless slumber
These living corpses are content existing in this freedom
What has happened to Iqbal’s dream?
The name Iqbal gave the country, has been disgraced
What happened to the dreams for freedom?
The bodies of the martyrs have been disgraced
Today the truth is not known in this society
Today, this society has become preoccupied with bribery
There was a time when flesh and blood were the price of freedom
for this country
Today the deep pocket’s of bribery have acquired this freedom
There was a time when religion’s rallying cry awakened the dream
of this nation
Today, the cry of religion has made bribery its partner
Today, the haggling of bribery is accepted in mosques
In these places, Zakat is not given, but bribery is given in the
name of charity
There is no longer any difference between a preacher and a
There is no longer any difference between a mosque and a shopping
This country’s religion bestowed respect and freedom to women
In the name of religion, this country has adorned women in the
black shroud of slavery
The people of this country look at each other’s woman with lustful
They bury the eyes of their own women under veils of darkness
In this place, it is not the hijab, but a black shroud that they
are adorned in
In this place, it is not hijab but a mockery of religion that they
are adorned in
Islam had called education a guiding light
This country has now buried Islam in darkness
The Prophet, advanced religion through education
This country has now buried education in darkness
The Prophet, brought his followers towards, the pen and the Kalima
Today education has brought the youth towards, the knife and the
Today in school’s, children are not taught humanity
On the day of registration, they receive their first
introduction to bribery
There was a time when teachers presented the teachings of Iqbal,
Ghalib and Islam
Today, students present their teachers with their wallets
There was a time when education, turned the ignorant, into
Today, the ignorant make believers, ignorant
There was a time when man attained humanity through the pen and
Today a few scraps of paper turn men into barbarians
There was a time when a man’s conscience could be raised through
pieces of paper
Today, man’s conscience is stolen by pieces of paper
There was a time when the guardians of this nation were busy in
the service of the nation
Today’s leaders are busy looting the nation
They make promises of bread, clothes, and shelters to the people
They then fill their own pockets with the bread, clothes, and
shelter of the people
Today, they don’t even leave the creation of God alone
They shake the sky with nuclear blasts
Shaking the earth is a cause for national fervor and religious
Any attack on the creation of God is forbidden even in a Jihad
Declaration of faith is present in this place, but the believer’s
faith is missing
The Kalimah (acceptance of Islam)is recited here, but the actions
of a believer are missing
In this place, lamps are colourful, but they have no guiding
light to offer
The sun’s beams are present here, but they have no illumination
to offer
Every darkness has a morning
In this country, even the mornings are filled with darkness
There was a time when the East was a guardian of light
Even in darkness, it always light to offer to the West
Today the light rises in the West, and returns to slumber in the
The East has shunned light, and accepted the West’s darkness
Our country worships the darkness of the West
The light that West does offer is shunned ad being sinful by our
There was a time, when the light from the East brought the West
out of it’s darkness
The East recovered the lost history of the West and brought them
out of darkness
Today the East has lost it’s past glofy in darkness
The East must now find it’s lost light in the West