Them !

They threw rocks.
They shot cannons and called them terrorists.
They fought for justice.
They were in-just and called them liars
They were tortured.
They were living in comfort and called them monsters.
They were starved.
They spent each night on full stomachs and called them stealers.
They believed in Allah.
They believed in Satan and called them maniacs.
They believed in peace.
They opted for war and called them murders.
They watched their children get killed.
They killed them and called them un-human
The world is so unfair, with humans making it that way.
Believing that war is the answer
To getting something they want.
Poor people. Poor them on the day of Judgement.
When the wrong doers and the un-just will be held accountable
For every branch he broke, and for every child’s life he took.
For every thing he ate, and for every word he said.
For every step he stepped, and for every place he went.
For every rock he threw, and for every thing he thought.
That will be the day. So be patient oh people.
Your justice and peace will come through Allah’s mercy.
Just believe in him always, and never lose trust that one day
He who killed your son will get his share of what he’s done.

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