Two Faces

By Sister Hanan

Some People have two faces

there is no sincerity in the hearts of those who have two faces

They will ask and ask and drain you to where you are on a different path blinded by anger

Stop what you are doing now and think!

Do you have to please this person ??

Are you their doormat ?

Allah is the only one you should be pleasing

Don’t bow to anyone but him ! !!

Don’t let the mocking of others who don’t seek knowledge bring you down, for they want company on a road that has no path but hell

The suffering they have caused you

will have to be paid back to you

Good deeds are hard to come by and easily lost by mocking at someone

Remain strong when a person is testing you for Allah will love you more if you ask him for help

Stay clear away from those who don’t ask the Mighty one full of mercy for any help 🙂

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