I dreamt of a place filled with peace and happiness
This place reminded me of tranquility, pacificity,
relaxation, and joy
It was a place where bickering, hostilities,
and evils ceased to exist.
It was a place where the old ones speak of,
but cannot see until their departure.
It was a place where the pure ones are admitted,
and the dark ones denied.
The law of this land is love.

It is love that makes you functional.
It is love that decided your fate.
It is love that allows ou to be rich.
It is love that produces your kindness.
It is love that grants you life until the next day.
And to gain this love is to hate evil.

We must realize that our place in this world is limited,
and we must make the most with what little we have with us.
Destroy the differences and unite together so that we,
the denizens of this world,
can live in peace and harmony.
But most importantly, we can reach

                                                …. HEAVEN.