“Watch For His Signs”

By Sister Kareemah Yasmeen


As she awakens in the morning by the mercy of her Creator,
for He is the most merciful, other than Him there is none greater.

She goes on throughout the day wondering what will become of her life, keeping in mind that on life you can never place a price.

As she carries on with her day, a loved one close to her heart comes to mind. For He is one of a kind, find another like Him not in this lifetime.

It has been made quite clear that His physical is gone, but His heart is still here, however it still does not prevent every moment she gets from shedding a tear.

As she gazes outside of her bedroom window, she stares into the sky, watching the sunset, she began to cry.

Not a cry of fear, not a cry of pain, but a cry to see beauty. Beauty that has no name.

As she performs her last prayer of the day, night began to fall.

Again she began to cry, for she feels another day was wasted and she completed nothing at all. Make an extra prayer to your Creator, for He answers when you call.

She began and said: “what is my mission? why do you keep me here? It seems that everyday is a struggle and after that is a great depression. I am asking for your advice or at least a suggestion.”

As she finished up her prayers, she got up from her rug and suddenly noticed a sheet of paper that slipped down from her computer desk above.

The paper had verse of a poem she had wrote a few weeks back, she had looked all over for this poem but she just could not keep track.

But the sheet of paper said “I want to see if you will continue to hang on to my rope.”

For Allah (swt) has blessed her with so much, and only in Him she place her trust.

As she went to bed she took that as a sign from her Creator and went to bed at ease.

From that night on when she got depressed, she thought of His sign and slept in peace.