Where is Her Grave ?

By Sayyid Ali Rizwan Shah

The Muslims have been deeply pained.
Their beloved prophet has passed away.
And especially for his kith and kin,
it is one of their lives’ saddest day.

A lady who happens to be his daughter,
above all, is the most afflicted one.
She was the nearest to her father.
Alas! Her troubles have just begun.

What in the Prophet’s eyes was her status,
unfortunately the people shall forget.
She should be respected by all of us.
But a harsh treatment, she’ll be met.

Everyone had heard her father say,
“My daughter is a part of me”.
For her safety he would often pray;
Not wanting her to bear any agony.

But his words fell on deaf ears
as his followers were lead astray.
And were realized those worst fears,
because his tidings were disobeyed.

Each forthcoming day brings her sorrow
and only a few more months she’ll live.
Each night she worries about her woes.
Her tormentors, she may not forgive.

In her last days, she is seen weeping.
Awake all night, she seldom sleeps.
Of her troubles, she keeps thinking.
The wounds in her heart are so deep.

The thoughts of her father alone
cause tears from her eyes to flow
and what will happen to her children?
What fate do they have in stow?

“Be kind to them and take care”,
she wills about her poor children,
because she’ll be no longer near
and they’ll soon be orphans.

As she spends the time crying,
her neighbors come and complain.
But look! She is already dying.
Their complaint will be in vain.

And that dark moment finally comes,
for her heavenly abode, she departs.
Holding back their tears, her children,
see baba leaving with a heavy heart.

Hands trembling and with great anguish,
he takes away her coffin during the night.
And he makes sure to fulfill her last wish.
She will rest, out of everyones’ sight.

Has gone from this world forever,
the mother of children so brave!
But why was she buried in a manner
that no one knows, where is her grave?

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