By Bint Pandor

In which wind do you sail
With which wind do you fly
Which sail sets you free?
Can you get very high?

Do you stick to the wind,
Which will bring you home
Or stop and change winds
For another land to roam

Do you curse the wind
Which will do you good
Do you follow the wind
Which you should

Do you turn away?
When it gets colder
Or turn back
When in the road a bolder

Do you shrug at the wind
Because you really don’t care
Or love the wind
For it is so fair

Do you wonder at it
Does it pass your mind,
Does it mean much at all,
Or is a waste of time

This wind that I speak of
In our heart lies
The wind of truthfulness
Can’t be seen with plain eyes

So let your heart loose
To what it can’t see
And the wind of Allah
Will set you free

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