Your Path

Run my friend! Run!!
Forget everything,
Your shoes, your money, your house and car,
Just run!
Start here, turn right and go straight,
Until you come to the end,
Where you’ll meet your fate.
Don’t stop for money lying on the ground my friend..
Don’t stop for beautiful women,
Don’t stop for new, sleek cars,
Don’t stop for anything,
Just run.
As fast as your legs can take you.
But don’t forget your salat on this run my friend.
And don’t forget to fast.
Don’t forget to stop at Mecca on your way.
And don’t forget Allah.
Read the Quran while you’re walking my friend,
And remember all of your blessings while you run.
Help the fallen stand up my friend,
And when you reach the end,
You will know if you ran fast enough or
If you walked too slow.
Believe me. You will know.